Artificial intelligence and robotics are almost certainly inevitability in the future of education. Artificial Intelligence (AI) Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR ) computer vision are the new educational tools are going to spread all over the world. Educational service providers need updated content that adds value to learning and entertain the students to fast simple learning.

  Iluzia offering technology is suitable for project and practical based learning.It will spread all over the world by its unpredictable use in the field of education, discoveries, training, mechanical engineering etc. It is shaping many industries even when it’s new compared to other technologies. AI is also growing as scientists and engineers are doing research at a rapid pace.

  Companies such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and others are also investing heavily in AI research, education and the results are quite evident.Unlike general artificial intelligence which is a frontier research discipline to build computerized systems that perform tasks requiring human intelligence, industrial AI is more concerned with the application of such technologies to address industrial pain-points for customer value creation, productivity improvement, cost reduction, site optimization, predictive analysis and insight discovery. Iluzia mainly focused this technology to bring global educational industry more productive and informative.

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