Artificial intelligence and robotics have been revolutionizing different sectors of human life in most of the modern countries .These novel concepts have spread all over the world to unpredictable dimensions in the field of education, scientific researches , training, engineering etc.

  Major companies such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft, etc are also heavily depending upon many of these discoveries in their researches, data capturing and analysis. Unlike general artificial intelligence which is a frontier research discipline to build computerized systems that perform tasks requiring human intelligence, industrial AI is more concerned with the application of such technologies to address industrial pain-points for customer value creation, productivity improvement, cost reduction, site optimization, predictive analysis and insight discovery.

  Iluzia mainly focus on using this technology for the progress of education transforming it more productive and informative. Together with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotic, Augmented reality (AR) virtual reality (VR) and computer vision are the new educational tools rapidly becoming popular all over the world. Educational service providers are using these novel technological tools for effective and joyful learning.

  Iluzia is one of the first institutions in the country exploring these technological wonders in education and we provide highly creative enjoyable learning atmosphere suitable for project and practice based learning.

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