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  Iluzia myclass is going to be India's pioneering competitive entrance Training Institute by the latest and updated technological implementation. Today Iluzia myclass is on a growth plan of greater diversification and geographical expansion. Iluzia myclass has been training students to take various competitive exams like IIT/JEE, NEET along with plus one, plus two tuitions all over India and abroad. We offer a team of highly experienced trainers using the most modern methods and by bringing tomorrow’s technology today, such as Virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality, computer vision, and artificial intelligence in fully equipped virtual labs.

  Artificial Intelligence (AI) Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) computer vision are the new educational tools that are going to spread all over the world. Educational service providers need updated content that adds value to learning and entertaining the students to fast & simple learning. Iluzia offers technology suitable for project and practical based learning.

  Our teachers guide you throughout the entire duration of the course by focusing on your needs, interests and aims. Students are encouraged to participate actively in the process of learning. Here learning is not a tedious task but an entertaining experience.

  Iluzia myclass started functioning in Kerala India, since 2019 by a group of techy teams along with global educational experts; our main goal is to bring quality education to the global educational sector.

Our Features

Iluzia myclass has its own Study Material Research & Development (R & D) Division. Every faculty member is a part of R & D Division, apart from this, a dedicated faculty team is involved in preparing study materials and other academic activities.

It is an exclusive session conducted by the Academic Wing of Iluzia myclass. During this session all the students can interact with panel of subject experts to gain knowledge and get their doubts resolved. Apart from this students can post/register their doubts into 24 hours dedicated toll free service with chat box facility.

Provides mobile application to evaluate students, conduct examination, mock test etc. It helps the parents to understand learning graph of the students.

It includes weekly and monthly examinations to assess continuously the level of preparedness of students and create a drive in them to study, practice and perform. The examinations are named IL-WAT, IL-MOC & IL-NEEMS

Iluzia myclass is the pioneer service providers in the global educational sector by using maximum technological possibilities like virtual reality, artificial intelligence, computer vision etc. We are very confident that, it will help the learners for the better and crystal clarity understanding.

We are collaborated with Indian Counselors Association (Gandhi Chair –University of Calicut) to empower the students by giving psychological, mental, and emotional and career guidance support. The idea is to guide and assist the students throughout their studies, providing appropriate assistance at each stage of the student's development, growth and progress.

Iluzia myclass offers well established Online and offline Study materials to the students for them to refer and develop their effectual learning and consultation to get more time for practice tests. Parents don’t have to squander more money on expensive books. Study materials covers contents and Practice questions for Medical and Engineering students which can be interactive with them by our specially developed tools and applications.

We have video Library consisting of our recorded online sessions for the students in case of reference and support in future.

We believe a positive working relationship between the tutor and parents can indeed help in improving the student's academic performance.Information to parents about absenteeism, performance and progress will be communicated.

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  Students admitted to Class 12 can apply for this course. Iluzia myclass offers tuition cum entrance course for the Science stream students with focus on IIT-JEE/ /NEET. The course encourages students to actually understand the intricacies and the concepts of the subject rather than memorizing the subject. Combined with expert guidance, regular coaching classes, periodic tests, doubt clearing sessions, the students develop a thorough understanding of concepts and builds confidence for excellent performance.


  Students admitted to Class 11 are eligible to apply for this course. We have an experienced team of faculties who follows a unique teaching methodology accompanied by a pre-planned time table. Module wise tests are conducted on a daily basis. Printed notes and question banks are made available for all subjects.


  Students currently in their class 12 and repeaters can subscribe to this course. Crash Course intends to render a methodical and robust scheme to crack NEET in the most efficient manner. With the primary focus being conceptual clarity and comprehensive knowledge, these modules approach the vast syllabus of NEET, IIT-JEE through utmost vigilance considering individual’s plus points and weaknesses simultaneously. This ensures a greater success rate with reduced number of attempts.

NEET Repeaters Programme

  Students who have completed their plus two are eligible to apply. This is a One year systematic, target oriented learning programme exclusively dedicated for NEET. The effective course plan, the interactive updated notes, experienced and dedicated faculty and overall conducive atmosphere for learning guarantee outstanding success in NEET, IIT-JEE.

School Integrated Programme (SIP)

  As an educational institution, we feel great pride in bringing about enthusiasm that inspires a child to learn more in life.

  We proposes to offer “School Integrated Program (SIP) coupled with Virtual Reality enabled Study Techniques” in existing schools to synchronize Board preparation for 11th and 12th standard along with the preparation for competitive exams such as NEET/JEE under one roof during or after school hours and within the school premises or through online mode.

  Our objective is to provide a competitive edge through virtual reality and augmented reality to the meritorious students seeking to compete and excel in the engineering (JEE) and medical entrance exams (NEET) through our “School Integrated Program (SIP)” in their existing school.

  Our highly experienced and qualified faculty members of our team would be teaching Physics (P), Chemistry (C), Mathematics (M) and Biology (B) .This takes care of their PCMB syllabus for competitive exam preparation along with their Board curriculum, giving more exposure and saving time of the students.

Course Features

  • Course pioneered by one of the India’s leading Education Centre- Iluzia myclass
  • Specialized Coaching/Training by subject experts of Iluzia myclass in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology.
  • Regular Classroom, supported by Virtual Reality, Augmented reality, 3D animation, Systematic Class Notes, Comprehensive Study Material, Daily Practice Sheets, Adequate Home Work & its Discussion along with Interactive Doubt Discussion Sessions.
  • Periodic Assessment of knowledge/learning through the tests conducted by Iluzia myclass - Classroom Program Division (IL-CPD).
  • Convenience of coaching in the same school where the students are studying.
  • Iluzia myclass -Distance Learning Program Division (IL- DLP) gives exposure to various Competitive Examination patterns.
  • Comprehensive Course Content supporting student’s enhanced performance in Competitive Examinations apart from regular School/Board Examinations.
  • Maintenance of individual student files to track student’s progress.

Benefits to the School

  • The School will get a share in Fee Revenue to supplement its resources for further development.
  • Helps in setting up a Virtual Reality (VR) lab in school.
  • Intangible gains in terms of number of students getting selected in Competitive Examinations.
  • This will enhance image and branding of the school amongst students, parents and public.
  • No extra faculties required as we will take of things beyond subjects.
  • Iluzia myclass -Distance Learning Program Division (IL- DLP) gives exposure to various Competitive Examination patterns.
  • Squeezing the volume of migration of students to other Schools or Cities for competitive coaching.

Benefits to the Students

  • The School students can get the benefits of expert coaching.
  • Notable Improvement in the performance of the students in the School/Board as well as in Competitive Examinations.
  • Regular assessment according to their aptitude.
  • Effective utilization of the time spent in school so as to excel not only in Board Exams but in any competitive exams along with development of personality traits.
  • School studies and preparation for competitive exams will be synchronized.
  • Self-study – developing adequate time for effective learning.

Benefits to the Parents

  • Benefits of Quality Education in the same school where the student is studying.
  • As no other coaching is required, both time and energy can be saved.
  • To save students and parents from botheration and inconvenience of commutation. (Student can utilize the saved time in more meaningful and productive manner).