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ILuZia registered under the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (Government of India ) and Kerala Startup Mission (Government of Kerala) as ILUZIA LAB LLP, functions as a Kerala government startup company involved in integrating latest technology both in Media & Education . Our cherished dream is to weave fine golden threads of innovative technological advancements into the savoring fabric of education and media creating amazing experiences. ILUZIA strives for becoming the connoisseurs of outstanding novelties in Education and Media with the infinite possibilities of the most updated technology. Our brilliant professionals with excellent credentials and immense potentials attempt to drum up wonders in the global education and advertisement industry enriching it with interactive and vibrant virtual experiences. Iluzia opens our system gateways in to a fascinating world of Virtual reality, Augmented reality, Computer vision, Artificial intelligence, Virtual labs, virtual Museum and 9D experience etc.


iluzia makes the global education and advertisement industry to enrich with interactive virtual experience by using the updated technology. Our system Introduces virtual reality, Augmented reality, Computer vision, Artificial intelligence, Virtual labs, virtual Museum and 9D experience etc.

What We Do

Iluzia elevates the whole spectrum of global advertisement and learning systems to unbelievable heights, by implementing a wide spectrum of technological innovations . We attempt to bring curiosity, excitement, and elation to these sectors with the innate possibilities of Extended reality ,Artificial intelligence and Robotics. As we know education and media sectors of the developed countries have established an interactive multi channel system by making use of the boundless advantages of science and technology. The research team of Iluzia tries to imbibe all the latest international advancements in audio-visual technology for better learning and empowered media


Our Team

"The founder and CEO of Iluzia is Mr.Noufal. P. The other board of directors of the company are Mr. Vishnu GM (COO) and Muneer babu K (Creative director) are the strength of Iluzia. This highly experienced core team made tremendous contributions in the field of education and technology with updated technological innovations"

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